Benefits case studies

We can help customers to find out information and to claim benefits they’re entitled to.

You can read about customers we’ve helped in the past:

Case Study

Disability Living Allowance

A customer with a child who had severe emotional and behavioural problems was supported by one of our money advisors to apply for Disability Living Allowance.

The care component and the mobility component of DLA were awarded to the customer and including the increase in other benefits, the family income increased by over £220 a week.

The bedroom tax charges also no longer applied because the DLA award helped show that the child had care needs and couldn’t share a room with a brother or sister.

Case Study

Rent Arrears

A customer was suffering from depression and had been in and out of work for seven months. He was due to attend court for rent arrears of £2,800.

Our money advisor helped the customer by contacting his employers for information to help submit a successful application for backdated Housing Benefit. The customer was also entitled to weekly Housing Benefit.

Before this, the customer had said that she had intended to give up her tenancy due to her situation, but after our help she decided to stay in her home.

Case Study

Housing and Council Tax Benefit

A customer had an eviction suspended for 28 days so he could receive support from our money advisor.

After suffering a breakdown, he had not paid rent for six months and had rent arrears of £3,000. The money advisor helped him to make a claim for backdated benefits and he was awarded over £2,400 plus full Housing Benefit. The money advisor also helped request backdated Employment Support Allowance which helped to repay his arrears in full.