Energy advice assistance

Thirteen has helped many customers with their gas and electricity bills in the past. Here are some of the ways we've helped our customers with home energy.

Case Study 1

A referral was received for a 75 year old single lady who lives alone in a one bedroom, ground floor flat. The lady was struggling to afford her electricity payments. Her supplier had increased her payments from £25 per month to £90 per month because her direct debit payment had been incorrectly reduced based on summer usage, causing an underpayment.

The lady had tried to discuss this with her supplier but was becoming increasingly frustrated as she wasn’t getting anywhere. She later received an email advising her that from February her payments would increase again, this time to £150 per month. Meter readings were taken by a Thirteen member of staff and the supplier advised that the last readings they had were from October 2019 and that her payments had been based on calculated usage.

With help from the money advice team, the supplier has agreed to a monthly payment of £110 to clear the underpayment and the lady is no longer worried about another increased charge.

Case Study 2

A customer had an appointment with the money advice team as she was interested in buying her home. When the adviser took details of her income and expenditure she noticed that the customer’s utility payments seemed excessively high.

When the utility company was contacted, it advised that it had previously adjusted her direct debit to include an underpayment, but that the account was in fact up-to-date, and her fixed tariff converted to a standard tariff. The customer reduced her monthly bill by £80.00 per month.