Home lettings website

Thirteen is working towards developing a new online system to help people rent a home easier and faster.

Currently, along with other housing providers across the area, we use the Compass Choice-Based Lettings system (CBL) to advertise available homes.

CBL has been operational for some years and is a scheme used across Tees Valley to advertise properties and allow people on the housing waiting list to bid for them.

Customers have told us that they find Compass CBL to be confusing and the application process takes too long to complete.

Customers have raised a range of issues with the CBL application process including:

  • “Takes too long to complete”
  • “Given up and gone on to secure a private let”
  • “It’s too confusing

Figures also show:

We want to improve the experience of customers and provide excellent services for them while applying for homes, so we’re working to build our own online system.

What this means for customers

The new website will mean that we’ll be able to deliver more of what our customers want in one single place. The new site will provide a single place where people can:

  • find a home to rent or buy
  • manage their property
  • find other Thirteen services.

Currently, the form for people applying for a home is 17 pages long and some people struggle to complete the application process.

By developing a new website, we’ll be making the application process quicker and easier.


We expect the new home lettings website to go-live in April 2019 and to have a gradual changeover from CBL around this time.

We are speaking with partners about how we make the changeover from CBL to the new website. Towards the end of 2018, we will also be contacting customers who currently use CBL to tell them about the process of changing over to the system.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve already registered on CBL – will I need to do anything?

If you're a Thirteen tenant and have applied for a transfer, we'll contact you to arrange to automatically transfer your details onto the new digital lettings scheme. This will ensure you don't miss out on any properties that we advertise on our new system.

If you're on the waiting list and a new customer that has applied to be housed direct to the Compass Choice Based Lettings scheme, you'll need to confirm that you want us to transfer your data across to the new Thirteen scheme. We'll contact people who have applied to give the option for data to be transferred or help for you to do this direct online. You will still retain the original date that you applied for housing on Compass and can also remain on this system.

Will this affect my priority?

It depends what housing priority you have been awarded on the Compass policy. If this is one that is through your local authority's homeless team, this will be retained on their scheme and you could be offered a property through the nomination arrangements to a Thirteen property. However, Thirteen have introduced a new Lettings Policy and this will apply on the new digital lettings system. The new Thirteen Lettings Policy will be available on the website.

How will I know when the new system is in place?

We'll promote the launch of the new digital scheme through a range of methods including Thirteen's website. We will involve customers before the new lettings website is fully live and arranged for drop-in sessions to view the site and test how the system works to give feedback for improvements before this is launched.

Where can I find out more information?

We'll contact customers individually and provide regular updates on our lettings website for any drop-in sessions and dates for the launch. Customers can also contact our Lettings Advisor team who will be working on housing applications and be able to give updates. Simply contact us.