How does Buyin Part, Shared Ownership work?

This page gives you details about how Buyin Part, Shared Ownership works and how you can benefit from the scheme.

With continued support from our dedicated Sales Executive, Buyin Part, Shared Ownership can be broken down into eight steps which are demonstrated in the slideshow below. Your Sales Executive will be on-hand to help you with any queries and support you along the way.

Over 55s Buyin Part, Shared Ownership

Our Buyin Part, Shared Ownership scheme is available for everyone over the age of 18. However, we do have developments that are specifically for people over-55. These have been specially designed and will usually be bungalows or flats. There are special criteria if you are looking to buy within a shared ownership development for people over-55:

  • You can only purchase a maximum 75% share in your home
  • If you’re currently a homeowner, your property must be sold before you can qualify for shared ownership
  • Depending on your age and work, you may not need a mortgage
  • You will never pay rent on the final 25% of our home. Your total assets must be below 130% plus £15,000 of the value of the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Buyin Part, Shared Ownership?

To be eligible for Buyin Part, Shared Ownership, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • earning less than £80,000
  • a first-time buyer, unless over the age of 55
  • the primary resident of the property
  • able to provide evidence that you can afford the property.
Will I need to apply for a mortgage?

To qualify for Buyin Part, Shared Ownership you will need to apply for a mortgage for the share you are purchasing.

Example: If you are interested in a home worth £150,000 and are buying a 25% share of £37,500, you will only need a mortgage for £37,500 and you will pay rent on the remainder.

Do I need a deposit?

You will need a deposit for a Buyin Part, Shared Ownership home, however you will only need a deposit for the share that you purchase. The amount of deposit is dependent on your mortgage lender but they can start as little as 5%.

Example: If you are interested in a home worth £150,000, you can buy a 25% share for £37,500 meaning you could need a deposit for as little as £1,875.

Can I sell my shared ownership home?

If you are looking to sell your Shared Ownership home, you can contact our Leasehold Management team on 01642 261120 and one of our co-ordinators will be happy to advise you on the process.

How do I apply?

To apply for one of our Buyin Part, Shared Ownership homes you will first need to complete an application form on the Help to Buy website.

Once we have received your application we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, however if you do have any questions or would like to chat to our of our Sales Team you can call us on 01642 947070 or email us at