How to get involved

Getting involved in helping us to improve our services is free for all our customers.

As well as helping to improve your neighbourhood and our services, by working with our Customer Involvement Team you can benefit personally in so many ways.

Please note, these pages show our current customer involvement arrangements, but due to the customer engagement framework review, our groups aren't currently meeting. You can still contact us to tell us if you'd like to be involved in future.

You can decide to be involved as much or as little as you like and you can choose the type of project you’d like to work on, and how you work on it.

You could really get involved by applying to become a member of one of panels that dedicates a lot of time working on projects. Or you might want to simply give us your views every now and then using Twitter and Facebook.

Depending on the role you choose, you can:

  • try something different and learn a range of new skills
  • receive free training and get experience of attending meetings and conferences
  • get involved in a workplace environment
  • develop your teamwork skills and experience for jobs
  • get out and about to meet people in your area
  • learn more about your neighbourhood.

We’re especially keen to hear from our younger tenants and customers with families.

By working with us, you can gain valuable practical experience which could help if you’re looking for work.

To help make it easier for people to get involved we pay for reasonable expenses for attending meetings. For certain projects we can also provide things like laptops, stationery and meeting rooms.

You can find out more about the different groups and projects you can get involved in.

Contact us

To join any of our panels or projects or to find out more: