In-depth reviews

In-depth review projects involve gathering information about services, looking at performance information and researching best practice from other organisations. Customers then use all the details to produce a final report to Thirteen's Board to recommend how to improve the service.

You can find details of previous in-depth review projects that have been completed:

Rent first

A recent project carried out was rent first.

When people face economic hardship, it may be difficult to pay the rent which means they can fall into rent arrears. Thirteen needs to make sure that paying the rent is the most important consideration when receiving services from their landlord.

The rent first approach is to help customers stay in their homes, support the financial viability of the landlord, and ensure that services for customers can be maintained despite the economic challenges.

You can get more details about rent first.

Thirteen’s strategic plan

Thirteen’s strategic plan is an important document that sets out how we are looking to develop our services over the next few years.

The plan gives us an outline for how we will work to provide people with homes, support and opportunities to grow.

We consulted with tenants and customers on the draft strategic plan to get their opinions on the plan. We produced a report to give you information about the findings of the strategic plan consultation.pdf

Home gardening service

Thirteen provides a service to manage and maintain our customer and tenant gardens should they be unable to keep their gardens tidy themselves.

Customers investigated the current service offered by Thirteen and suggested a range of recommendations for its development.

You can see the resulting home gardening service report from the scrutiny panel.pdf

Repairs priorities and demand

Customers investigated the priorities and demand for repairs across Thirteen.

The review was to ensure that we keep the service relevant and meet customer expectations. The panel considered a wide range of issues and produced a report as a result of their investigations. We produced: