In-depth reviews

In-depth review projects involve gathering information about services, looking at performance information and researching best practice from other organisations. Customers then use all the details to produce a final report to Thirteen's Board to recommend how to improve the service.

You can find details of previous in-depth review projects that have been completed:

New operating model

Putting neighbourhoods at the heart of our work

We carried out an in-depth review on the customer experience of Thirteen’s new way of working with customers within the neighbourhoods we manage.

This new operating model was implemented in 2017 based on feedback from our customers, colleagues, partners and board members. The main aim of the new way of working is to “ensure that we place neighbourhoods at the heart of decision making”.

The in-depth review group tested that the new neighbourhood operating model is working for customers.

You can find the full operating model report.pdf.

High-rise living/concierge

Review service standards for high-rise blocks

Customers reviewed the current service offered by the concierge and high-rise living teams and suggested a recommendation for one set of service standards to be implemented.

You can get more details on high-rise living/concierge.

First point of contact resolution / failure demand

Ensuring the customer queries are dealt with at first point of contact

We carried out an in-depth review to look at how we can reduce the failure demand levels across the business and to improve first point of contact resolution when dealing with customer queries.

You can get more details about first point of contact resolution / failure demand.

Rent first

A recent project carried out was rent first.

When people face economic hardship, it may be difficult to pay the rent which means they can fall into rent arrears. Thirteen needs to make sure that paying the rent is the most important consideration when receiving services from their landlord.

The rent first approach is to help customers stay in their homes, support the financial viability of the landlord, and ensure that services for customers can be maintained despite the economic challenges.

You can get more details about rent first.