Learner safeguarding

Anyone on an apprenticeship can expect a duty of care from Thirteen Training. We ensure that your safety in the workplace and in our training environment, is managed effectively.

We are committed to building and maintaining a culture of safety in which everyone is protected from abuse and harm in all our services.

We will respond promptly and appropriately to all safeguarding incidents or concerns that may occur and will work with organisations to ensure incidents are handled properly.

We empower all apprentices by promoting and reinforcing their right to be safe and listened to. We actively promote awareness of safeguarding issues throughout our training, induction and progress review processes.

We provide apprentices with information to help you understand the risks of radicalisation and how to protect yourself from extremist views that go against the British values that you may encounter now or later in your life.

If you have any queries or need to report an incident relating to safeguarding, health and safety, bullying, harassment, neglect or abuse or have any concerns about your wellbeing, safety or rights, then speak to a member of Thirteen Training staff or contact your Designated Safeguarding Champion.

Alternatively, use the form below to make a report.