Money advice tips

If you’re on a tight budget, there are things you can do to improve your financial situation.

Know what you’re spending

Sit down with a pen and paper and add up what you’re spending each month. Think about how much you spend on things like:

  • rent
  • gas and electricity
  • council tax
  • food
  • going out and socialising
  • travel
  • smoking
  • anything else?

If you’re spending more than you earn, contact the Money Advice Team.

You can also get free and impartial advice about planning your family budget and calculating for savings.

Sorting out benefits

For problems with benefits or to find out what you’re entitled to, we have just one piece of advice – contact the Money Advice Team.

Contact us or text MONEY to 0787 613 7679.

Get the best deals

  • search for the best rates for gas, electricity and mobile deals using comparison sites like or  
  • call your current supplier and ask for a better deal
  • some of the best deals are on the internet – make sure you shop around
  • try looking for online discounts and vouchers. Some retailers have regular special deals.

Saving and loans

  • avoid loan sharks – they’re illegal and charge the highest rates
  • if you can, try to start saving. A little money each month soon adds up
  • set up a Credit Union account where you can save and get a loan. Find your nearest Credit Union.

Get help

You can get help on the whole range of money matters by: