Noise nuisance

Noise can be very disruptive for households if it happens regularly or for extended periods of time.

Noise nuisance can include prolonged dog barking, loud music, parties or regular vehicle or home maintenance during unsocial hours.

If you experience noise nuisance in your home, you can download an app onto your smartphone, record the noise and send it directly to us.

The Noise App is a quick and easy way to record noise which is causing you or your family an annoyance or nuisance. All you need to do is:

  • Step 1: download the app
  • Step 2: create your account and choose a ‘service provider’ (Thirteen) to investigate your noise nuisance reports
  • Step 3: report a nuisance by: tapping the icon, using your smartphone to make a 30 second recording of the noise, completing a form, then submitting your report
  • Step 4: wait for a response from Thirteen’s anti-social behaviour team.

You can use the Noise App to record noise which is causing a nuisance to you. This helps us to tackle the problem, especially if we need further evidence.

Download the Noise App

To download the app: go to the App Store for iPhones or the Play Store for Android phones.

Alternatively, visit

For more details, you can read the Noise App overview.pdf. and Noise App user guide.pdf.

You can also watch a useful video about the noise app and how to use it:

We also have a policy document about the use of the Noise App.pdf