Our groups and panels

As one of our customers, you can get involved with our work in a number of ways.

You can join our groups and panels that work on projects to help improve housing, neighbourhoods and the other services we provide.

Please note, these pages show our current customer involvement arrangements, but due to the customer engagement framework review, our groups aren't currently meeting. You can still contact us to tell us if you'd like to be involved in future.

Our groups and panels:

You can find out about all our groups and panels:

From home

Even if you have a busy life, you can still have your say from the comfort of your own home by joining the ‘Customer Voice’. From time-to-time we might send you Customer Voice surveys or questions for you to answer to help find information about our services.


If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can talk to us online. We’re always sharing information about community events, latest news and asking for opinions online, so you can take part in a few clicks:

Neighbourhood Panels

By joining a Neighbourhood Panel you can meet with your landlord and other customers to discuss local issues. Meetings are held in community venues every three months and last about two hours.

Customers from estates across your area meet to share information and discuss things like investments in homes, how we are responding to local concerns, and suggestions to maintain and improve your neighbourhood.

Task and Finish groups

We all have a topic that’s close to our heart. That could be making sure that people have fair access to money, good homes or great services. Or perhaps you have experience of a particular subject such as living with a disability, anti-social behaviour or getting a new home.

By joining a Task and Finish group, you can use your knowledge to work with others in meetings that will help us to improve experiences for customers using our services.

Community Fund Panel

The Community Fund panel is a small team that meets regularly during the year to consider applications for the Thirteen Community Fund. People with local knowledge and an eye for detail can join the panel to examine requests for funding and grants for the projects which benefit people living in our neighbourhoods.

You can get more details and find out how to apply for the Community Fund on our Get Involved page.

Scrutiny Panel

The scrutiny panel is a team of tenants working on three projects a year which can last up to four months each. You can find out more about the Scrutiny Panel.

Customer Council

Getting involved with the Customer Council means volunteering about one day a month to discuss our performance, review policies and strategies and make sure we deliver value for money. The Customer Council comments on reports, analyses performance information and makes recommendations for improvements.

Service and Satisfaction Panel

This panel meets around six times per year to monitor complaints performance and satisfaction levels, and to review learning and make recommendations for improvements.

The panel also carries out mystery shopping to provide assurance that we do what we say we will do when reporting to our regulator, and reporting on our service standards.

Customer Service Investigators

You can become a Customer Service Investigator to examine a specific service as part of a project team which includes customers and landlord staff. Projects take about five to eight weeks and involve investigating services like lettings, grounds maintenance or repairs.

Ownership Panel

If you part-own or lease your home from us, you could join our Ownership Panel. The panel meets about four times a year to talk about services such as taking care of communal areas in flats, improvement works and neighbourhood services.

You can take part in consultations, give us your ideas and help us deliver better value for money in our services.

Tenants and Resident Associations

The Customer Involvement Team can help you to set up a resident association in your own area. The area covered by the association could be a block of flats, a street, an estate or a larger neighbourhood. Associations can get involved in a range of issues such as tackling a problem area or sharing information with organisations such as your landlord or the police.

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You can get more details about how to get involved with all our groups and projects.