High rise sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems have been installed in around 500 of Thirteen's high-rise homes in the Tees Valley.

Thirteen has committed to installing sprinklers to its high-rise buildings as part of its investment and building safety programme.

Thirteen takes the safety of its customers and buildings seriously and is working on a £5.7million project to install sprinkler systems covering almost 500 flats across five high-rise tower blocks.

The work has seen the installation of a new mechanical smoke ventilation system and sprinklers in individual flats and communal areas at Kennedy Gardens in Billingham, and Hume and Nolan House in Stockton’s town centre.

At Prior Court in Billingham, the work involved installing sprinkler heads in all flats and the communal spaces. The system will be connected to a new water storage tank and pumping facilities which will be specially installed for the sprinkler system. The sprinkler system is activated by heat only.

Consulting with customers

Working closely with customers, the project team runs consultation events to help customers prepare for the work, alleviating any concerns and giving reassurance about the sprinklers' operation.

We want our customers to feel safe in their homes and the installation of sprinklers adds an extra layer of fire safety and enhances the overall existing fire safety measures already in place, giving customers peace of mind.

Thirteen works closely with customers to educate them on fire safety and what they can do to prevent accidental fires in their home.

More information

If you have any questions about work to install sprinklers in your building, please speak to the team who are working on the installation or talk to your neighbourhood co-ordinator by calling 0300 111 1000