Talk to Us

We’re urging Thirteen’s customers and tenants to make use of the wide range of services we offer by talking to us if they have any issues with their home, neighbourhood or tenancy.

Thirteen provides more than homes: we offer all kinds of services that customers can use to help you with a range of issues you might face in your life.

Looking for a bigger or a smaller home? Talk to us.

Problems with money and benefits? Talk to us.

Problems in your neighbourhood? Talk to us.

Every Thirteen tenant can talk to a dedicated neighbourhood co-ordinator who has responsibility for a number of homes in specific locations. Each co-ordinator is specially-trained to deal with the wide range of issues that people might face.

Neighbourhood co-ordinators cover specific estates that they know well and can help with:

  • advice on home repairs
  • rent and money matters
  • tenants who are thinking about moving or swapping their home
  • find properties available in your area
  • support with anti-social behaviour.

Customers and tenants can even attend estate walkabouts that involve inspecting neighbourhoods to identify problems and ways to tackle them. The walkabouts involve neighbourhood co-ordinators and other people with an interest in the local area - just get in touch with you co-ordinator to confirm attendance.

There are many ways you can talk to us: