Thirteen Academy

We launched Thirteen Academy in partnership with Teesside University, to give our customers the chance to study for a degree with their course fees paid by us.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for those who live in a Thirteen home to begin their fully-funded university studies.

The scheme supports those from low-income households, who might not otherwise consider applying to university, to study for a degree. This life-changing initiative supports customers, and their dependents, with aspirations to study at university, with a scholarship.

Its first group of successful applicants have just completed their first year at Teesside University, with which Thirteen has partnered to deliver the programme.

Three budding academics are undertaking three-year courses in early childhood, nursing studies, and childhood and youth studies. A further five have commenced one-year courses in midwifery, social work, nursing, psychology and HR.

If you you'd like to find out  more about Thirteen Academy, please call Thirteen’s Governance Support team on 0300 111 1000.

Applications are currently closed but will reopen in 2021.