Volunteer opportunities

We have a range of volunteering opportunities available to people who want to update their skills, make a difference or improve their CV.

You can volunteer with Thirteen if you’d like to make a difference to people in the Tees Valley, Durham and Tyneside.

Our award-winning volunteer programme supports people aged 18+ to get involved in a number of volunteering opportunities.

People you could help

Our volunteering programme provides vital support to Thirteen’s service users. As a volunteer, you could help:

  • tenants and their families
  • young people and young families
  • people who are experiencing mental health issues
  • people who are homeless or are threatened with homelessness.

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What do volunteers do?

Volunteers provide mentoring and emotional support for people by supporting our clients and customers to achieve positive changes in their lives. We also appoint peer mentor volunteers who can use their own life experience to provide mentoring and support to people at difficult points in their lives.


Volunteer roles available

Volunteer roles

We have a range of volunteering roles available, including:

  • activity support volunteer: support with co-ordinating activities in our services for clients
  • health champion volunteer: raising awareness of health and wellbeing
  • community ambassador volunteer: raising service profiles and identifying local community needs
  • befriender volunteer: providing support, early intervention, encouragement and information to improve life skills and knowledge to help people achieve greater independence
  • homelessness advisor volunteer: being a first point of contact and provide support, advice and information to people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness

We also have specialist volunteer roles including:

  • volunteer counsellor: offering Thirteen’s customers counselling support and counselling sessions to aid difficult transitions and complex emotions
  • Arabic speaking befriender: providing support, early intervention, encouragement and information to people with minimal or no English who are in difficult transitions in their lives, and to improve life skills and knowledge and to achieve greater independence
  • assistive technology volunteer: supporting the assistive technology team with services for vulnerable customers to help them live independently
  • dementia champion volunteer: working with people with dementia to support staff and work with clients and families to give support and improve independent living and wellbeing.

Where are the opportunities?

We provide volunteer opportunities throughout North East England and with a wide range of teams in Thirteen.

The benefits of volunteering

As a volunteer you could receive:

  • induction training
  • specific and on-going training related to your role
  • support from all our expert staff at Thirteen
  • out of pocket expenses
  • regular supervision
  • insurance.

Get in touch

You can find out more information about our volunteering opportunities at: