Young people’s money management

We can help young people to find out information about managing their money.

We have helped many customers in the past and our Know Your Money (KYM) project in Middlesbrough has helped young people and their families with their money management.

You can find out about some of their stories in the films below:

Job and money issues

See how the KYM project helped Jlisha Watts with her job and money issues:


Watch how Jenna Witherley’s experience of volunteering with KYM helped her:

Finding a home, improving job prospects

Watch how KYM helped Aaron El-Hamri find a home and improve his job prospects.

Helping develop KYM's services

Find out how KYM helped Sharon Nolasco find a new job and help develop KYM’s services:

More information

Young people in the Tees Valley can find help with their debts, benefits and budgets at the Know Your Money (KYM) project.