1,300 trees being planted in Middlesbrough to mark Queen’s platinum jubilee

Plans to plant 1,300 trees to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee and improve the environment are underway.


24 Mar 2022

Thirteen has joined forces with Climate Action Middlesbrough to plant the trees as part of the national Queen’s Green Canopy initiative.

The projects in the Saltersgill and Thorntree area of the town will develop as rewilding projects, with shrubs and wildflowers planted in the next month.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston was welcomed to join the team of volunteers to plant the first trees.

Thirteen’s environmental specialist John Woods said: “The Queen’s Green Canopy is a fantastic idea, encouraging communities to work together to improve the environment by planting commemorative trees.

“The mix of native trees including Rowan, Oak, Maple, Hawthorn and Ash will provide a lasting legacy and a reminder of this occasion in many years.

“Within the sites, we’re allowing for relaxed grass cutting, which will produce a more sustainable and natural environment, providing food and shelter for animals bees and other insects.

“The wildflowers will provide pollen and nectar for insects, bees and other pollinators. Of course, bees are vital to our ecosystems and we must work to protect them.

“Not only will this project improve biodiversity, but less mowing will mean a further reduction in carbon emissions. 

“These projects will bring so many benefits to our customers living on the estates and we’re proud to be contributing to sustainable planting which will benefit future generations who will see the trees grow and flourish over the years to come.”