£400,000 investment project to modernise Middlesbrough homes

Investment work to modernise homes on a Middlesbrough estate is complete.

Brambles Farm

16 May 2023

Working in partnership, we've delivered the £400,000 project with Equans, which has seen 40 homes on the Brambles Farm estate receive new kitchens, bathrooms, and boilers.

Allison, who has lived on the estate for just over a year is delighted with her new kitchen.

She said: “Sadly only a few months after moving to this estate, we experienced some anti-social behaviour, and I didn’t feel like I wanted to live here anymore.  But, since getting the work done in my home, I don’t want to leave.

“Everything has been brilliant – from finding out about the work, to making our kitchen choices and finally being able to enjoy our new kitchen is fantastic.

“I love cooking, so wanting to spend time in the kitchen is really important to me. Our new kitchen has made the house a home.”

Partnership project coordinator Joe Singh said: “Working with customers like Allison makes you see the difference we are making through our investment plans.

“We want all of our customers to have the best experience when we’re working in their home, so we’ve worked with them from the very start when they make their kitchen choice and we’re always here if they have any questions. Seeing a project complete and the customers grateful for the work is something we’re always proud of.”

Darren Sterling, director of regeneration and sustainability at Equans, said: “I’m delighted to hear Allison loves her new kitchen. For Equans, our sign of a job well done is a customer who absolutely loves the work we’ve done and has been able to get involved with choosing their new kitchen and seeing it become a reality.

“We are committed to providing the best customer service we can, and hopefully Allison is the first of many customers we’ll be working with who can fall in love with their homes all over again thanks to the partnership between Equans and Thirteen.”

This year, Thirteen will invest £50million into its homes across the North East and Yorkshire.

Equans is one of three contractors appointed on its partnership framework.

The contract forms part of Thirteen’s plans to invest over £300million across almost 25,000 homes within 15 local authority areas in the next five years.