£500,000 investment for health charity

A health charity in Redcar is looking forward to a more secure and comfortable future after the start of work on a £500,000 project to improve its facilities.

Ann Charlton Lodge Investment WEB

1 Jun 2021

Housing provider Thirteen is working with contractor Engie to upgrade Ann Charlton Lodge’s roofs in a project that’s expected to last around five months.

Ann Charlton Lodge is currently home to 21 people with a range of neurological conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s disease.

Thirteen leases the building, in the west of Redcar, to the charity which provides homes and care services for the residents.

The property was built in 1992 and as part of the refurbishment project, the roofs will be replaced, alongside the installation of new guttering, roofline and Velux windows.

Natalie Usai, housing services team leader, and Ruby Lee, partnership project manager, from Thirteen have been working on the project. Natalie said: “We’re really pleased that we’re able to start work on this project as it will help to make life more comfortable for the residents in Ann Charlton Lodge.

“Although the building is all on one level, it’s quite a complex job as there are multiple surfaces to tackle. It’s a striking building and we’re working closely with staff at the lodge and colleagues from Engie to make sure the project is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“It’s a great scheme that provides vital support to some vulnerable people, so I’m really pleased that we’re making these improvements to the building.”

The charity offers residents 24/7 care and its operation is overseen by a board of trustees.

Peter Wilson, chair of the trustee board, said: “We had some problems with the roof over the past few years and although it was repaired, we knew that we’d need to have it replaced eventually.

“We’re delighted that the work is starting as one of our main aims is to make our residents as comfortable as possible. Although it doesn’t look like an easy job, the refurbishment will help to keep residents safe and secure in the long-term so we’re excited to see it happening now.”

Sarah Jemson, manager of Ann Charlton Lodge, said: “We’re a specialist neurological unit but we also provide a home for our residents, so it’s vital that they feel safe and happy, and they just can’t wait to see the work progress.

“The Covid restrictions have been tough for some of our residents over the past year, so the activity of the building work will actually be a welcome distraction for some people!”

“Some of our residents have lived here since it opened 28 years ago, while a lot of them have been with us around 15 years. We’re one big happy family and we’re all looking forward to benefiting from the improvements in the years to come.”