£50million investment plans announced for homes across the North East and Yorkshire

Thirteen has announced its plans to invest over £50million to improve thousands of homes in the North East and Yorkshire over the next year.

Whinney Banks Investment Copy

19 Apr 2023

The plans will see homes benefit from a range of internal and external improvements – from modern kitchens and bathrooms to windows doors and roof improvements.

£1.3million will be invested in our second retrofit project, which will improve the energy efficiency of more homes, in line with the government’s target of being carbon neutral by 2050.

Over 1,000 kitchens and 350 bathrooms will be replaced. More than 1,400 homes will receive new windows and doors and hundreds of roof improvements will enhance the appearance of homes, ensuring they are wind and watertight.

Around 750 new boilers will be installed over the year, helping to make homes more energy efficient.

Thirteen’s executive director of assets Paul Jenkins said: “We’ve significantly increased our investment plans for the next year, having recently completed last year’s £36million programme.

“Within the next five years, we’ll be investing over £300million across almost 25,000 homes within 15 local authority areas.

“We’ve got plans in line to further invest in building safety, carry out environmental improvements across our estates, and plans to improve a number of our care and support schemes and communal areas.

“This level of investment reaffirms our commitment to investing in homes and ensuring we meet future housing needs of our customers now and in the future.”

The work will be completed by Thirteen’s in-house investment team and contractor partners.

Carrying out property surveys has allowed the plans to determine the type of work carried out and when. This depends on a range of things, such as the age and condition of the property’s fittings, such as kitchens and bathrooms, heating systems and wiring.

Customers who are benefitting from the investment work over the next year, will receive a letter to tell them about the plans for their home.

Download a copy of the investment plans.