£55million investment plans underway to improve thousands of homes in the North East and Yorkshire

Over the next year our investment programme is set to improve thousands of homes and the environment where we manage homes.


4 Jun 2024

We spoke to customers to find out what’s important to them when it comes to investing in their home.

The plans will involve carrying out £55 million improvements on homes across the North East and Yorkshire. This includes replacing over 800 kitchens and around 150 bathrooms. More than 150 homes will receive new windows and doors and hundreds of roof improvements will be completed, to enhance the appearance of homes and ensure they are wind and watertight.

With over 800 new boilers being installed over the year, homes will be more energy efficient.

The work will be completed by Thirteen’s investment team and specialist contractors. The type of work carried out and when, depends on a number of things like the age and condition of the property’s fittings, such as kitchens and bathrooms, heating systems and wiring.

Customers who are benefitting from the investment work, will receive a letter to tell them about the plans.

All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed with customers close to the start on site for each scheme.

Download a copy of the investment plans.