Brick Awards recognise Great Customer Service

This year, for our annual staff awards we asked customers to put forward nominations for the new Great Customer Service category and you didn’t disappoint!

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15 Oct 2019

We were inundated with nominations.

Of course, everyone should get the same quality of service no matter where and how they come into contact with us, but this award was for service that went higher than expectations.

Step forward Nigel.

Our first winner, Nigel Moses, adaptations manager, received two nominations from customers. One of them had become wheelchair-bound at 24 years old following an accident in 2017.

“Nigel really stood out because he worked tirelessly to ensure my property was fitted not only to the occupational therapist’s requests, but more importantly, to meet MY needs. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely happy with all of the adaptations he had put in place. I was blown away by the adjustments he managed to make possible and I can honestly say he has changed my life.”

Your turn Bradley.

Our second winner was Bradley Hawke, electrical and maintenance support in the bespoke lettings team, with three nominations. They all agreed he goes the extra mile. He is friendly, professional and sensitive to vulnerable residents and will do extra little jobs if needed. One of his nominators said:

“He’s been involved from the start in setting up a bespoke service to individuals supported at one of our schemes. He has really got to know the individuals that we support, and he often adjusts his approach to their individual needs. He is always flexible, patient and, most of all, respectful.”

Thank you to every customer that put forward a nomination.