Building a new career in customer experience: a Q&A with Touchpoint advisor, Ben

Touchpoint advisor Ben is celebrating the start of his new career in customer experience, after his apprenticeship helped him to develop the knowledge and skills to secure a permanent role with Thirteen.

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7 Feb 2024

Since joining the team, Ben says he has met some great colleagues and is enjoying the variety in his role, which involves responding to customer queries in our busy Touchpoint service centre.

We caught up with Ben to hear about his experience of being an apprentice at Thirteen, as well as what his new role as a Touchpoint advisor is like.

What were your circumstances before starting your apprenticeship, and how did you hear about the apprenticeship opportunities at Thirteen?

“Before starting, I was bouncing between colleges trying to find one that would suit me, but nothing clicked. I realised I wanted to try something new and I was looking for apprenticeships on job apps like Indeed, then I applied for the one at Thirteen.”

What encouraged you to apply for an apprenticeship with Thirteen?

“As my dad works for Travis Perkins and is very familiar with the company, he told me to go for it. As I am 18, I saw it as a good opportunity to start a career in the local area.”

What was the application process like?

“I filled out the assessments and got an interview. It all went smoothly, and it was quick and effective.”

How did you feel when you found out you’d been accepted to start an apprenticeship with Thirteen?

“I was happy, as I felt it was a start to a career for me.”

What support did you receive throughout your apprenticeship? What skills did you learn?

“Everyone is supportive here. My colleagues and managers are always there for support and they help you through the learning period. Even after you have been through the training, the team are always there to help. This helped me develop teamwork skills and developed my confidence.”

What encouraged you to apply for a permanent job role with Thirteen? How did your apprenticeship prepare you for this?

“Once I had gone through the training, I realised I wanted to secure a position here as I enjoyed working with the people around me. My apprenticeship helped me prepare for this as I had the experience of working in the conditions here and this made me feel confident in the interview.”

How did you feel when you found out you’d secured the permanent role with Thirteen?

“I was proud, as I secured a job I was happy with, as well as being happy with colleagues I work with.”

What has been the highlight of your experience working at Thirteen so far?

“My highlight of working here is the opportunities you get. For me personally, playing football with the trades, all the celebrations and fun activities we have in Touchpoint, and the people you meet are what make work fun.”

What would you say to anyone else who is thinking of applying for an apprenticeship with Thirteen?

“Just go for it, as it is a great place to start working and gives you great social skills you can use in life and the confidence to go for the opportunities that come your way.”

Find out more about apprenticeships at Thirteen by visiting our apprenticeships page.