Changes to how we support our services for you

We’re bringing our back-office colleagues together in one location which will allow us to use our space more efficiently and save a significant amount of money to invest in neighbourhoods and services for the benefit of our customers.

27.03.19 North Shore 135

13 Dec 2019

This means our Northshore office in Stockton will close to the public on Friday 13 December. A Touch Point pop-up shop for customers will open on Stockton High Street in January followed by our flagship Touch Point store for customers later in the Spring. Customers can also come and speak to us at one of our other customer facing offices including Rivers House in Middlesbrough, Stratford House in Stockton and Titan House in Hartlepool.

Our Northshore building, which will still belong to Thirteen, will be converted into serviced offices providing space for local businesses.

If you’d like to give us a call, our contact team is open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday on 0300 111 1000.

You an also visit here for our Christmas operating hours: