Changes to our home repairs service

The Thirteen Group has standardised home repair response times and the approach to who has responsibility for different types of repair on tenants’ homes.

20 Jul 2016

This means that customers right across the group will receive the same level of service for: the length of time it takes to carry out a repair; and the type of repair that customers and their landlords are responsible for.

Before the Thirteen Group was formed in 2014, each of the four landlords – Erimus Housing, Housing Hartlepool, Tees Valley Housing and Tristar Homes – had different standards for carrying out repairs on customers’ homes.

Since its formation, the group has been working hard to ensure that all service standards are harmonised across the group. This would ensure that customers would receive equal standards of service from all four landlords.

Russell Thompson, Group Director of Property Services at Thirteen, said: “When the four landlords came together as the Thirteen Group in 2014, each landlord had a different approach to dealing with repairs on customers’ homes.

“This led to customers receiving slightly different services and also meant that it was more difficult for our staff to manage.

“By standardising our repair response times and reviewing which repairs customers can do and which we will do, all customers across the group will receive a consistently high level of service, while making it an easier process for our staff to manage.”

You can find a summary of the repair response times and responsibilities in the new Repairs to Your Home leaflet.pdf 

You can also find full details about our approach to repairs to your home on the report a repair webpage.