Community project funded

Thornaby Indoor Bowling Club has received funding from Thirteen's Community Fund. Here, they give details of the project.

5 Jun 2017

Thanks to funding received from the Thirteen Community Fund ,Thornaby Indoor Bowling Club have been able to purchase several “bowling arms” which are designed to enable people with back, hip or knee problems and individuals who require the assistance of a wheelchair, to participate in indoor bowls.

The bowling arms closely resemble a litter picker but this ingenious piece of equipment is set to offer opportunities to individuals with conditions that previously would have made bowling impossible.

Brian Hannaford, Thornaby Indoor Bowls Club coach, said: “Thirteen's assistance has enabled the club to be able to purchase several different sized arms that are suitable for wheelchair users to the tallest individual. We have also been able to purchase some bowling shoes which will be available to new bowlers to loan. Another exciting element of the funding is that we have purchased some different coloured bowls to develop a new variation of bowls called “Rainbow Bowls” which is a new and exciting form of scoring in indoor bowls."

Brian added: “As a club we want to make the sport as accessible and attractive as possible. We believe that the excellent facilities we have here at Thornaby Pavilion make bowls a great way to stay active with a smile on your face whilst meeting a whole new circle of friends.”

Sarah Bage, Customer Involvement Officer at Thirteen, said: “The Community Fund panel members were impressed with the grant application from Thornaby Indoor Bowls Club and were more than happy to approve funding to a group who are positively encouraging all people to be able to take part. Physical activity has a huge impact on people’s health and wellbeing and it is great to see that this sport can now be opened up to more people in our communities.”

For further information on the Indoor Bowls at Thornaby pavilion and utilising the bowling arms contact Paul Bambrough on 01642 760971