Community project to improve the environment in Middlesbrough launched during National Tree Week

Thirteen marked National Tree Week, this week with the launch of another community project, which is set to improve the environment on a Middlesbrough estate.

Tree Planting Photo

29 Nov 2019

Working with members of the local residents’ group and the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, the project will see communal land off Raintree Close in Thorntree brought back to life, now that four fruit trees and two nut trees have been planted, providing food and an improved environment over the coming years.

The trees, which require limited maintenance will begin to bear fruit in the next year and form an attractive orchard that residents can enjoy.

Thirteen’s environmental specialist John Woods said: “It was great to be joined by Councillor Janet Thompson, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust and residents to plant the trees.

“We’ve worked closely with the residents, to find out how we could improve the area. This project is all about giving something back to them.

“The community here really takes care of their estate and that is great to see. Any produce from the trees will be shared among residents living on the estate.

“This is one of many community projects that we’re working on to improve the environment for our customers.”