Customer survey

Starting from 14 Jan, some of our customers will be contacted to take part in a short telephone survey.

14 Jan 2019

A number of our customers will be called by research company The Leadership Factor (TLF) over the next few weeks to complete a survey to get information about what customers think about their neighbourhood.

If you are called, the company will introduce themselves as The Leadership Factor and that they are ringing on behalf of Thirteen.

Customers will be asked a number of questions about their neighbourhood, what’s great about them, and what could make them even better. The answers given will be used to better understand how to shape our services and measure the impact of the changes we make so we can see what impact they have on customers.

The answers given will be confidential and will only be used to help with the survey.

TLF will be calling customers until mid-February.

We’d like to thank all customers who get involved in the survey.