Customers delighted with home improvements on Thornaby estate

Customers living on a Thornaby estate have praised Thirteen’s investment team after they recently benefitted from its investment plans.

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2 Jun 2021

Over 60 customers living in the Redcar Road area of the town have received new upvc windows, doors and roof improvements; and they’re delighted with the results.

A team of around 20 trade operatives began working on the estate earlier this year to improve the standard of the homes, which has not only made a difference visually, but it has made them more energy efficient and will ensure they remain wind and watertight.

Investment team leader Mick Wilford said: “There’s been a great community spirit on the estate. It’s been a fantastic team effort and great to hear such positive feedback from our customers."

Customer Lesley Houghton added: “My home feels much warmer and it’s quieter with the new windows. The estate looks so much nicer. We’re really pleased with everything the team have done.”

This year’s £31million investment plans are underway and will see over 2,400 homes benefit from improvement work over 45 estates across the North East.