Customers help shape Thirteen’s journey to net zero

A group of involved customers have been helping Thirteen shape its journey to net zero.

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22 Feb 2022

Last year, Thirteen became a project partner with First Choice Homes Oldham, Karbon Homes, Salix Homes and Yorkshire Housing in the first of its kind Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury, led by the Northern Housing Consortium.

The jury discussed proposals across 10 sessions, which resulted in a report with 19 recommendations on how tenants, social housing providers, and others could work together to tackle climate change in their homes and neighbourhoods.

Homes account for around one-quarter of the North’s carbon emissions. To meet the challenge of reaching net zero carbon emissions, over one million social rented sector homes across the North will require retrofit measures.

Head of environmental sustainability Samantha Granger said: “We were incredibly fortunate to have two passionate customers on the jury, who are now so knowledgeable about climate change and have now joined us as involved customers at Thirteen to take the discussions even further as part of a wider group.

“Involving our customers now to discuss the recommendations and find out what’s important to them, while identifying what we’re already doing as an organisation to take us on our journey to net zero is vital.

“Tackling climate change requires us to work collaboratively to make big changes to our homes and neighbourhoods. We’ve already come a long way, from carrying out small retrofit pilot projects, building skills to be able to manage the organisation’s retrofit projects and having a dedicated retrofit customer engagement coordinator.

“While retrofitting homes is a challenge and one which everyone is facing, by listening and understanding how customers feel and what matters to them, will help us to take action on their recommendations in collaboration with partners across the housing sector.

“Our involved customers will be with us, every step of the journey to ensure that everything we do is right for our customers.”

Chair of Thirteen’s involved customer group Val Scollen added: “Understanding what the journey to net zero and the impact of climate change means for us as customers is so important, so to be involved now, to not only discuss the challenges ahead, but to see what is being done at Thirteen already is valuable and reassuring. Ensuring a great customer experience is a priority and we’re looking forward to continuing this work together.” 

Read the full report here.