Four hundred trees planted in Middlesbrough community

Thirteen joined forces with Climate Action Middlesbrough and Community Ventures to improve the environment for a Middlesbrough community.

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4 Jan 2023

The work on the site began last year and as part of National Tree Week the first trees were planted. Since then, the growing partnership has seen colleagues and volunteers plant four hundred trees on the land on the Thorntree estate.

The variety of trees will complement the mini-orchard already formed, helping residents living in the area and visitors to reconnect with nature, improve their wellbeing and encouraging them to take pride in the area they live.

Thirteen’s environmental specialist John Woods said: “We’re proud to be giving back to the community and creating greener neighbourhoods.

“The partnerships that we’ve formed are important to us and not far from this site, we’ve worked with Community Ventures to create a fabulous community garden which has contributed to a vital environmental wellbeing project and has continued to build the community spirit on the estate.

“The work we’re doing here brings so many benefits, with trees being the most effective natural way of helping to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

“We’re improving biodiversity, providing food and shelter for animals bees and other insects.

“Green spaces are so important when it comes to climate change. They absorb a lot of water, so they protect against flooding, and they provide shade, so they cool the earth down.

“It’s important that we’re contributing to sustainable planting which will benefit future generations who will see the trees grow and flourish over the years to come.”

The project is one of a range of initiatives underway at Thirteen with partner organisations to improve the outdoor environment for our communities to enjoy.