Gender pay gap report published

As required by gender pay reporting legislation, we’ve recently published our gender pay gap report, which looks at the difference in the average pay of men and women within the organisation.


22 Mar 2019

At Thirteen, female colleagues earn on average (mean) 4.43% less than male colleagues, however the midpoint (median) earnings of male and female colleagues are identical at 0.0%. The 4.43% mean figure is largely driven by the number of males in trade roles.

We take pride in the fact our gender pay figures are healthy within our sector and in comparison to the national picture and we’re focused on what we can do to improve gender equality which will help attract the very best talent to work for us in the future.

We feel that taking a positive approach to our gender pay continues to send a powerful message to staff. A valued workforce is more likely to be high performing and productive, which supports our aims and values making Thirteen a more attractive place to work.

We now have two years of gender pay data, so we’ll use this information to analyse our gender pay gap and, over the next 12 months, set targets in areas that we’d like to improve on. This will look at our equality, talent management, pay and reward, recruitment and retention processes and policies with the aim of tackling the gender imbalances in our workforce where we have identified them. We will also start to have conversations with colleagues about how we can increase flexibility and agility as part of our ‘Right Space, Right Place’ project which could lead to more flexible ways of working.

You can download a copy of our report by visiting