Hartlepool residents to benefit from energy efficient heating systems

Work to update heating systems for a group of residents in Hartlepool is almost complete.


21 Dec 2017

More than 50 residents in the West View area of Hartlepool will benefit from the investment, which will replace their old boilers with solar thermal heating systems.

The work is being completed by Thirteen’s investment team in partnership with Pacifica Group Ltd and is expected to be finished in the New Year.

The new heating system uses solar panel technology for a fuel efficient way of heating the home, with the first 20% of the energy being taken from the solar panels.

Executive director of property services Russell Thompson said: “We’re always looking at how we can provide more efficient ways of keeping our customer’s heating bills as low as possible.”

Thirteen’s investment programme to deliver around £26million worth of improvements this year to the properties they own and manage is now well underway.

Customers will receive a letter if there are plans to carry out investment work on their home, to let them know about the plans and the type of improvement work being delivered.