Home safety campaign reminds customers it only takes an accident to start a fire

As part of its ongoing fire and building safety campaign Thirteen’s expert building safety team are reminding customers how they can keep themselves and their homes safe this winter.

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16 Nov 2022

With the darker, colder evenings, there’s more fire risks around the home and a simple mistake can lead to devastating consequences.

The team have visited a number of communities to speak to customers to provide advice, guidance and home safety kits.

Fire risk specialist Barry Waller said: “Having spent 30 years as a fire officer, I’ve seen first-hand how many fires could have been prevented.

“With Christmas around the corner, the coming months bring an increase in fire risks – with Christmas lights, decorations and electrical items. The cause of fires is often down to things like dangerous cheap electrical items, often bought online, which can easily overheat and catch fire. Overloaded plug sockets are also a common risk in the home.

“Fires which start in the kitchen can often be prevented – they can start with cooking appliances, pans left unattended, or by leaving items, like tea towels too close to the cooker.

Building compliance specialist Kimberley Craig added “One of the biggest risks in the home, especially during the winter months, is burning candles. We’re urging people to take care. They’re such a common cause of fires in the home. A candle should never be left unattended.

“In a bid to persuade people to change their habits and keep themselves safe, we’ve been providing battery tealights, which still add a lovely glow to your home, but they’re a much safer choice.

“We know this is a challenging time and people are looking at ways to cut costs, but we don’t want to see anyone putting themselves, their families and their neighbours at risk.”