Housing experts lead the way with North East environmental network

An innovative network has brought together housing experts from across the North East to focus on climate change and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

North East Carbon Network Web

30 Jul 2020

The North East Carbon Group, led by Thirteen and Newcastle-based strategic business consultancy, Prosper, brings together 15 housing companies to share knowledge and ideas in response to climate change and what it means for the future in housing.

Thirteen’s senior environmental manager Sam Granger said: “We are incredibly fortunate to have a dedicated team in place to drive Thirteen’s plans forward to reduce our environmental impact.

“This is a challenge for us all, but if we all work together, we can make some great changes, which will be beneficial to our customers.

“We can all learn so much from each other and this is a great opportunity to share aspirations and be at the forefront of innovations as we work to achieve our goals to becoming much greener organisations.”

Rod Brasington, chief executive officer for Prosper added: “As we face challenges old and new it is more important and possibly more difficult than ever to move environmental improvements forward.

“This collaborative group is leading the way in building a forum for the North East housing sector to work together for communities across the region to benefit from the advantages that progressive action can create. Prosper is delighted to be involved in this work and is supporting the sector to deliver a range of collaborative initiatives.”