Improvements for customers, developed by customers

Customers are helping Thirteen to develop a new way of working that will be an integral part of its upcoming Touchpoint customer hub on Stockton High Street.

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9 Aug 2019

People visiting Thirteen’s Rivers House neighbourhood office in Middlesbrough will be testing some new customer service processes today (Friday 9 August) which will be used at the Stockton hub when it opens this winter.

Thirteen is trialling a range of processes which have been specially designed to be used on tablet computers to help customers or prospective tenants with their queries. The changes are designed to be used in the more informal, flexible approach to customer service that will be operated in the new hub.

Michelle Wright, director of customer experience at Thirteen, said: “The new processes are a vital part of how we’ll be working with our customers in future.

“When we’re up and running in Stockton, people will be able to come in and speak to Thirteen’s staff in a modern, comfortable environment, have a cup of coffee and quickly deal with the issue they have.

“This will be a big change from our current more formal arrangements, where we have staff working behind traditional reception desks which can sometimes make it difficult to talk about the kind of issues our customers need to discuss.”

When the processes are fully up and running, people will be able to speak to staff who will have details about the full range of housing and neighbourhood queries at their fingertips.

Michelle continued: “This testing is just one step in Thirteen’s long-term commitment to transform our experience for customers, however they choose to contact us. We couldn’t do it without involving our customers at the earliest opportunity so I’d like to thank everyone who got involved.”

Participants who volunteered their time to test the processes will be entered into a prize draw to win a shopping voucher to thank them for their help.