Improving the local environment for Stockton estate

People living on the Portrack estate will benefit from almost £1/4million of investment in their local environment over the next few months.

Portrack Environmental 2 Web

21 Jun 2019

Housing company Thirteen has identified £240,000 of investment to go towards improving the local environment, tackling anti-social behaviour issues and helping to make the estate a better place to live.

People living in around 100 homes managed by Thirteen, as well privately owned and rented properties in the area, are set to benefit from the improvements.

The funding from Thirteen’s environmental improvement budget will be used to carry out a range of work including adopting a number of communal plots to improve them for the community; installing new bollards, barriers and landscaping to prevent nuisance vehicles; planting to include new trees; and constructing new boundary walls.

Thirteen is working with a number of partners on the project, including Groundwork North East and Cumbria, and contractor Brambledown,

Chris Smith, executive director of service delivery and development from Thirteen, said: “We’ve been working on a number of projects to improve the Portrack estate over a number of years and this new work will help to further improve the area and make it an even better place to live.

“Previously, we worked to develop the area around the shopping parade to make it a more attractive and usable space for local people. This new project will help to deliver a wide range of benefits for the local community, including providing an improved environment for residents while building structures and groundwork to help reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour and crime in the area.”

While Thirteen’s neighbourhood co-ordinators will be working to keep residents updated about what is happening on the estate, staff from the grounds maintenance and caretaker teams will be working with partners to deliver the work.

The work on the Portrack estate is expected to be completed in August.