Investment on Thornaby estate complete

More than 30 residents living in Thornaby have recently benefitted from Thirteen’s investment plans.

Humphries Investment

12 Mar 2019

The work which involved fitting new windows, cladding, insulation, canopies and external painting to the brickwork on the Humphries estate, has been carried out by Thirteen’s design and delivery team in partnership with Esh Property Services.

Thirteen’s project co-ordinator Keri Devine said: “This much-needed work has made a real difference to the residents, who have told us how much warmer their homes are now.

“We’ve worked closely with our neighbourhoods team, who have helped us to gain access to every property to complete the work.

“Visibly, the work has really improved the external appearance of the homes too and you can see this as soon as you step onto the estate.”

This year’s £31million investment programme is almost complete and has benefited thousands of customers across the Tees Valley.