Landlord consolidation consultation feedback

The Thirteen Group has been consulting with customers and partners on proposed changes to its structure to simplify the organisation and its systems.

31 Oct 2016

The proposals are to consolidate the organisations that currently make up the Group – Erimus Housing, Tees Valley Housing, Housing Hartlepool, Tristar Homes and Thirteen Care and Support – and create one landlord called Thirteen which will manage the Group’s services and 34,000 properties.

The process

The consultation with tenants started earlier this year and ran to 13 October 2016.

Among other consultation activity, all residents were sent a letter and an information leaflet with background details about the proposals, together with facts and figures about the issues around the consolidation. We also asked residents to get involved via our websites and social media pages, and consulted with residents on the Thirteen Customer Council.

We received 31 responses to the consultation. Replies included:

  • 9 supported our proposals
  • 3 were against
  • 2 were not against but had questions
  • the remaining responses (17) were around other issues including service requests, specific tenancy issues and queries around the delivery of the letters.

In terms of respondents who were against the proposals, comments were around Thirteen’s repairs service and ensuring that local communities would still have sufficient representation after the proposed consolidation.

We have written to customers who were against the proposals to address their concerns. We have also written to customers who asked us questions and provided them with further information to answer those questions.

Our staff have contacted customers to pick up their queries about repairs, their tenancy and letter delivery.

These proposed changes would help us to be better prepared for the future, provide improved value for money and free up resources to invest in developing homes and communities in our area.

As we said in our consultation information, these proposals would not affect tenants’ current rights, rent or the services they receive.  You can see more details in the consultation leaflet.

Next steps

As the consultation process has now ended, the Boards of all the landlords will now consider the responses to the consultation and make a decision on the next steps in the process.

If everything goes to plan, we aim to consolidate the organisations within the Thirteen Group by April 2017. Until then, we will continue to discuss the consolidation process with our partners and keep residents and partners up-to-date with developments.

Should the process continue as planned, we will send all residents a formal notice with details of the new landlord after the merger takes place.

For any questions about this process, please contact: