Local school children add a burst of wildflower colour to Middlesbrough estate

A group of Middlesbrough school children have created their own mini wildflower meadow with the help of colleagues at Thirteen.

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18 Jul 2022

Thirteen donated wildflower seed bombs to green-fingered enthusiasts at Pennyman Primary School, helping the children learn about wildflowers and the benefits they bring to the environment.

The work will complement the 40,000 square meters of wildflowers which have been planted across the town in partnership with Middlesbrough Council.

Thirteen’s environmental specialist John Woods said: “The seed bombs are a fun way for children to learn about wildflowers. Bringing wildflowers into our communities is really important to us at Thirteen, to increase biodiversity in the areas where our customers live.

“Not only do they brighten up the estates, but they’re great for people’s mental health and wellbeing and they attract lots of bees – one of our most important pollinators.

“Projects like this, help children learn how bees pollinate over 70% of the food that we eat and their contribution to planting wildflowers is making a real difference to the survival of these clever insects.”

This is one of a range of initiatives underway at Thirteen to create greener communities for our customers by improving the environment and taking action against the impact of climate change, by creating more natural habitats for wildlife and a stronger, more resilient neighbourhood ecosystem.

Thirteen launched Take Control, its net zero campaign to encourage everyone to reduce their carbon footprint and it is working with its communities to put in place improvements that drive down emissions and protect the planet.