Making an impact in the community

During Community Impact Week, which runs until 12 November, Thirteen is celebrating the positive difference it has on the communities it works in, people’s lives and the place that they live.

Thirteen 39 S Neighbourhood Officers

6 Nov 2017

Last year through consultation we asked our customers what could be done to improve the service provided for them at Thirteen.

They told us their three main areas of importance were:

You said it

Deliver a new repairs system to improve response times and tenant satisfaction.

We did it

We’ve invested in a new repairs system to benefit our customers. It will enable more effective scheduling, reduced waiting times for appointments, keep customers updated on the progress of their appointment and ensure time is used productively. Every week we will contact a random sample of 100 customers to see how satisfied they are with our services. This will help us find out what is going well and allow us to identify anything we need to improve.

You said it

Improve what we do in our neighbourhoods to ensure that people take more pride in their area.

We did it

We completed 517 estate walkabouts, enabling us to work alongside our tenants and residents to identify and rectify issues. We regularly carry out litter picking, days of action and environmental events such as ‘flash your trash’ that targets a certain area to remove items of waste and reduce incidents of fly tipping.

You said it

Ensuring that customers have the best start to their tenancy, including quicker sign-up, leading to higher satisfaction and more people staying in their homes.

We did it

We have created a New Homes team who help new tenants receive the extra support they may need during the first 12 weeks of their tenancy with Thirteen. A new homes team advisor is our tenant’s first point of contact, dealing with all their enquiries, ensuring they have the best start to their tenancy, which will lead to higher customer satisfaction and more people staying in their homes.

Thirteen's chief executive Ian Wardle said: “We are committed to investing in neighbourhoods and our staff work tirelessly to support communities and improve the area which they live.

"We have listened to our customers and over the last year we’ve made a number of improvements which have made a real difference to the service they receive.

“Thirteen is much more than a landlord. We provide a range of housing support services for more than 70,000 customers including advice with money, skills and employment, extra care schemes to help people live independently for longer and help for vulnerable people, who face a range of challenges.”