Top tips for sticking to a Christmas budget

Our 8 top tips, to help you stick to a budget, while also staying environmentally friendly throughout Christmas.

7 Dec 2023

We know that buying Christmas presents, stocking up on food and planning festive activities means that Christmas can be an expensive time of year. We’ve put together our 8 top tips, to help you stick to a budget, while also staying environmentally friendly throughout Christmas.  

Build your budget 

Using an app where you can sell unused items of clothing, toys or things you don’t need any more is a good way to build yourself a little extra spending money for the festive season. Apps such as Vinted don’t charge you seller fees and your buyers pay for postage, a great way to build up a budget at Christmas time.  

Free wrapping 

How about saving up boxes from your deliveries and using those to wrap presents in? The brown paper that is used to pack out parcels can be reused as wrapping paper. It’s completely recyclable too. You can get the kids involved to decorate the paper or tie red ribbon around the parcel to make it more festive.  

Experiences instead of things 

Instead of buying things, consider experiences. Christmas is all about making memories and this is a lovely alternative. Whether you buy, or create, an experience for your loved ones, it’s a thoughtful option that doesn’t have to break your budget. 

Using your leftovers 

If you need some inspiration for how to use your Christmas leftovers, you can visit a website which will tell you what you can make with the ingredients you have left over. Visit the Zero Waste Recipe Generator here.  

Secret Santa style 

Giving lots of gifts can really add up, especially in big families. Could you suggest a secret Santa style Christmas? All family members are given one person to buy for, with a sensible budget. To make it easier, everyone can write down three ideas of things they would like.  

DIY Decorations 

Decorations don’t have to cost the earth! Fold up some paper snowflakes and stick them to the window to make a festive scene. Make salt dough at home (flour, salt, and water) and create some personalised decorations for the tree [or even as gifts!]. Add an extra lick of paint for some colour.  

Homemade gifts 

Sometimes handmade gifts can mean the world. If you’ve got some sewing talent; turn an old jumper into a cosy draft excluder or an old band t-shirt into a new cushion. For those more gifted in the kitchen, a home baked afternoon tea or Christmas cake would go down well.  

Swap gifts for time 

If you need a present for someone you don’t see very often, discuss ditching gifts for time! Find a day that works for you both and spend the day together. This is particularly good for older relatives or loved ones, and helping those who may feel lonely at Christmas time. If you still want to give them something to open – make them an invite!