Middlesbrough community project to improve the environment continues to grow

A community project to improve the environment on a Middlesbrough estate has moved to the next phase.

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25 Feb 2020

The project will see Galloway Gardens on the communal land off Rainham Close in Thorntree brought back to life and benefit local residents.

Working with members of the local residents’ group, a number of fruit and nut trees were planted last year. Now planters have been made from recycled materials, which would have otherwise been thrown away and vegetables have been planted, to provide food and an improved environment over the coming years.

Thirteen’s environmental specialist John Woods said: “Galloway Gardens is really beginning to take shape now. No matter what the weather, it’s fantastic to see the community spirit on the estate.

“We’ve been creating compost heaps and we have plans to create and build hedgehog boxes. More fruit trees have been planted and vegetables, including parsnips, chillies, tomatoes, potatoes and strawberry plants. Any fruit and vegetables which are grown here will be shared among residents living on the estate.

“As this year’s entry for the Northumbria in Bloom competition, we’re very privileged to have the support of Councillor Janet Thompson and the enthusiasm from so many of our customers, who are proud of the area and want to make it an attractive place to live.

“We’re doing this because customers told us what they wanted to improve in the area they live in and everything we’re doing here is from their feedback. This project is all about giving something back to them.

“This is just one of many community projects that we’re working on to improve the environment for our customers.”