“My family and I will always be grateful.”

Thirteen customer Audrey Morris finally got the chance to thank housing support co-ordinator, Sammy Parker in person, for her fast-thinking actions and for helping to save her life.

Sammy And Audrey 1

11 Jul 2022

Last year, Audrey, 85, had drifted into unconsciousness after feeing unwell at her home in Eden House, Billingham.

After several unresponsive calls, Sammy checked with Audrey’s son, Ian to ask if she was with him and on discovering she wasn’t, immediately called for an ambulance.

The emergency crew discovered Audrey was unconscious and very ill and transported her to North Tees General Hospital, where she was diagnosed with Covid19 and given emergency treatment over a nine-day stay.

Audrey said: “I remember lying on my sofa and feeling too ill to do anything. Apparently, the girl doing morning calls rang several times and I didn't reply, and when my son said I wasn’t with him that really set the alarm bells ringing.

“It was then that the person called for the ambulance that would save my life. I was admitted to hospital with the virus. I was incredibly ill and had to have an antibodies transfusion - I was in hospital for nine days.

“I found out the person who saved my life was called Sammy after I came home, but we have several wardens at Eden House and I asked everyone if they knew where Sammy was, but I couldn't find her.

“Then, out of the blue, recently one of our residents had a 90th birthday tea party and some wardens came to help her celebrate...and I was delighted to learn that one of them was Sammy. Of course, I thanked her for ringing for the ambulance. Without her actions, I would have died.

“My family and I will always be grateful for Sammy for her swift actions.”

Sammy Parker, housing support coordinator said: “We recently went along to Eden House to celebrate a birthday, but it was me who received the gift of a lovely hug and thank you from Audrey. I was only doing my job, but it’s wonderful to think that it helped save her life.

“We have swift and decisive protocols to follow to ensure the safety of residents and this process meant we could reach Audrey quickly.”

Suzanne Halliwell, head of care and support said: “We are all relieved and delighted to see Audrey back home at Eden House and recovering well from her ordeal.

“Sammy’s response was both rapid and decisive. She did exactly the correct thing in what must have been incredibly pressured circumstances and helped save Audrey’s life. I would like to thank Sammy for the excellent care she provides our residents, and I’m delighted that Audrey also got to thank her in person.”