New Directions celebrates its first year

Thirteen's New Directions Team celebrated its first year at the beginning of May and what a year it has been.

28 Jun 2017

We have continued to support 15-29-year-olds into employment, training or education amongst many other things.

The team has engaged and worked with 671 customers, with 332 coming from the Middlesbrough area and 339 from Stockton. Successes include:

  • 305 customers have been offered work, education or training
  • 280 customers have started work, education or training
  • Of these: 172 have been supported into employment; 28 have obtained apprenticeships; 41 have started vocational training, and 39 have moved into full-time education.

Also, 565 customers have received some form of support intervention, which has helped them break down barriers to work and move a step closer to achieving their aspirations. This is making a huge difference to the customers we work with.

Feedback received from customers via our service evaluations includes:

  • “Information and advice given helped me into training - I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. My Caseworker has been brilliant and has helped me more than I could have hoped for. I was contacted weekly to check my development; everything provided and offered was tailored to my needs and has helped me achieve my goals.”
  • "Everything I was told was very helpful. The caseworker was very professional but equally as friendly. Very frequent contact through texts, service was much needed and very helpful. The fact I got a job was a major confidence boost.”

We use our customer forum to ask customers for feedback, to help shape and structure the services we deliver. Here are a few of the things our customer forum have said they like most about New Directions:

  • “There is an excellent Employer Engagement team who find lots of vacancies for us to apply for.”
  • “There is a great range of services available, including the flexible fund which helps with transport, work clothes, etc.”
  • “The service is readily available with a variety of locations and also a range of services you can be referred to.”