New gadget makes gutter-cleaning safer, easier and more efficient

New equipment is set to make gutter cleaning faster and more convenient for our customers ahead of the winter period.

Skyvac Photo Final

1 Nov 2021

Traditional gutter cleaning can be quite costly and difficult to perform, which is why Thirteen has invested in a new skyVac gutter vacuum to deliver an efficient and high-quality service over the busy winter months.

The powerful vacuum cleaner can reach up to 40ft from the ground while being operated from the ground, removing the need for expensive scaffolding or other high access equipment, as well as eliminating the risks associated with working at heights.

It offers a safe solution for cleaning the gutters of our domestic and commercial properties and its in-built camera feature means it can also access tricky-to-reach areas and aid in the inspection of roofing works.

Thirteen's repairs and maintenance team are currently rolling out the use of the skyVac ahead of the winter period when poor weather conditions can prevent roofers from carrying out works due to safety concerns.

Brian Chapman, repairs team leader, said that the new equipment will help the team to deliver a more efficient service for customers over winter when the team is at its busiest: “The skyVac will save us time and money on the installation of scaffolding, helping us carry out the work quicker and with less disturbance for customers.”

“We’ll be using the equipment as part of a proactive gutter cleaning programme, carrying out regular visits to our tree-lined estates to help tackle blocked or leaking guttering before any issues arise.

“As the new gutter cleaning process takes less manpower, it will also free up capacity within the team to carry out other repairs and maintenance works to our properties over the winter months.”