New Homes in revamped neighbourhood

Tenants who moved to make way for town centre redevelopment are now becoming the occupants of brand new homes in a revamped area of Stockton.

NortonPark New Home Residents

26 Feb 2016

People are moving into their new homes at Norton Park in Stockton, including some who left their previous homes which were earmarked for demolition.

Norton Park is a partnership development between the Thirteen Group, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and Keepmoat, which will see a range of 174 high quality homes being built over five years.

While the majority of new homes will be for sale, 30 dwellings will be for provided for affordable rent and will be owned and managed by Tristar Homes, which is part of the Thirteen Group.

These include four one bedroom apartments, four two bedroom apartments, six two bedroom bungalows, 12 two bedroom houses and four three bedroom houses.

Tenants include residents of the former Swainby Road and Victoria estates, regeneration areas in the town.

Many have already picked up the keys to their new homes, which are also attracting new residents to the neighbourhood.

Peter and Janice Cooper, who have lived in the area for 23 years, said: “We have such great memories of living in the area that it’s great to be back. The new bungalows are just wonderful.”

The homes offer new, thermally efficient benefits and gardens and a location still close to all the town centre amenities.

Students at North Shore Academy helped come up with street names inspired by nearby Lustrum Beck for Norton Park.

Mark Dutton, Head of Partnerships and Resources for Thirteen, the parent company of Tristar Homes, said: “We are delighted to be able to provide high quality energy efficient homes as well as helping to regenerate an area of Stockton town centre. We are looking forward to welcoming more tenants to Norton Park as construction continues.”

Leader of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Councillor Bob Cook, said: “It’s our ambition to provide residents with a wide choice of good quality housing for sale and rent in and around Stockton Town Centre. It is great to see residents moving back to this area and I very much hope they enjoy making Norton Park their home.”