Partnership boosts council’s team of civil enforcement officers

Hartlepool Borough Council’s team of civil enforcement officers (CEOs) has been expanded in a partnership with Thirteen.

New Hartlepool Civil Enforcement Officers

23 Dec 2021

Thirteen is funding two CEOs within the authority’s enforcement team for an initial 18-month period.

Along with other members of the team, their duties include proactively tackling a range of environmental issues which adversely affect residents’ lives, including fly-tipping, dog fouling and litter.

The funding agreement is a direct response by Thirteen to concerns expressed by its customers in a recent survey.

Councillor Shane Moore, leader of Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “We are delighted to have joined forces with Thirteen and would like to thank them for their financial support.

“Partnership working is really important for us. Hartlepool Borough Council has a proven track record of working with other organisations for the benefit of the town and its residents, and this is a great example of that.

“Hopefully, this partnership will help improve the quality of life of residents, including many Thirteen tenants, in neighbourhoods across the town.

The funding for the CEOs comes from Thirteen’s community resilience fund which is designed to support activities to help communities across the Tees Valley to develop.

The CEOs will provide vital services for residents in Hartlepool and will add to Thirteen’s more focused services within the organisation’s locality plan areas of Owton Manor and Dyke House.

Karl Gippert, community resilience manager at Thirteen, said: “As well as providing homes for people across the borough, we work hard to tackle a range of issues and help local communities develop.

“Working in partnership with the council means that we can better use our resources and get the best outcomes for people across Hartlepool. So as well as funding the new civil enforcement officers, our staff will be working closely with them to do everything we can to improve our communities and increase life chances for customers and other residents in the area.”