Police and partners target youth anti-social behaviour in Middlesbrough

Media release from Cleveland Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

24 Oct 2017

As a result of recent increases in youth–related antisocial behaviour (ASB) and damage, a multi-agency operation is underway in parts of Middlesbrough.

Neighbourhood officers have been joined by community council members, local authority colleagues, sports organisations and housing providers (including private landlords) as they identify and deal with the mainly young people responsible for almost 150 incidents of ASB.

These include throwing items, being abusive to passers-by and causing general nuisance since mid-September. There have been around 50 damage offences reported to police since mid-September.

With concerned residents and businesses reporting stones, eggs and even fireworks being thrown at travelling vehicles, people and buildings, extra officers are carrying out high visibility patrols in and around Pallister Park and Park End and surrounding areas.

And using information gathered by plain clothed patrols, neighbourhood officers are successfully identifying offenders and using proportionate ways to deal with them.

Nearly 40 AS13’s have been issued between 1st October and 20th October – these constitute antisocial behaviour “warnings” and police can take further action to repeat offenders.

Other offenders have been referred to the Youth Offending Service, offered diversionary activities and family support, and some could have tenancy action taken against them. Police will also use dispersal orders which can be implemented at short notice with the authority of an Inspector, last 48 hours and be renewed immediately if needed.

Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Snaith said: “This operation will continue for the foreseeable future and we will proactively locate, arrest if necessary and prosecute any named suspects who are identified as responsible for offences.

“Recent behaviour by a number of young people is completely unacceptable and it has a really adverse effect on people living and running businesses in this area. We will not tolerate this and we are determined to find long term, sustainable solutions to the problems residents are reporting to us.

“We have dedicated officers assigned to this operation and we are constantly reviewing its resourcing and tactics we’re using so we get the best possible outcome.

“Finally, we are extremely grateful to our partners from the local authority, Safe in Tees Valley, Middlesbrough Football Club, Linx Detached Youth Work Project and Thirteen Housing Group for their support.”

Grahame French, area manager for social landlord Thirteen, added: “We work closely with Cleveland Police and other partners on projects to tackle anti-social behaviour in estates across Middlesbrough. As part of this, where our tenants are involved in incidents of ASB which breach their tenancy agreement, in the first instance we speak to them to help tackle the behaviour. We can also issue more formal notices to oblige them to alter their behaviour.

“We hope that by working as part of this on-going project we will be able to help reduce ASB in our estates, and make them better places for people to live.”