Reviewing the impact of change

HACT - the housing sector's ideas and innovation agency - is carrying out some research into the impact of Thirteen's changes to the way it manages many services for customers.

2 Dec 2019

HACT is delighted to announce the launch of our research project with housing company Thirteen.

“The research we’ve started this month with Thirteen is a step forward in the reviews of business transformation processes,” explained Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. ”While most reviews of organisational change look primarily at the change on the business and its customers, this project will also focus on the current and future impact of Thirteen’s new operational model on the community as well.”

“We’re currently in the initial phase of the research,” added Dr Frances Harkin, Research Lead at HACT, “interviewing a range of internal stakeholders including senior leaders and frontline staff. We will, of course, be reviewing the business benefits of the new operational model by looking at numerous datasets, including KPIs, customer satisfaction rates, and contact centre statistics. In addition, we will be using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to make recommendations for scaling the change up across the business to put neighbourhoods at the heart of what Thirteen Group do.”

Kay Glew, Director of Neighbourhoods at Thirteen, said: “When we changed our operating model in April 2018, our intention was to create a better way of managing and maintaining successful communities across the Tees Valley, ensuring the right services and products are in place to support a strong and diverse customer base for Thirteen. This change in approach saw a shift from multiple points of contact within the business to single neighbourhood co-ordinators who take responsibility for clearly defined customers and neighbourhoods.

“We wanted to understand and demonstrate the impact of this change in focus on our customers, communities, partners, and our own business and staff.

“We have chosen to work with HACT to carry out this research because of their proven experience, their understanding of the social housing sector, and their insights into business transformation models.”

The research project will conclude by the end of the financial year, with the results published in a report that will be shared with the sector, providing insights for other housing associations making decisions about changing their operational models. The review will also help Thirteen to understand what more they might need to do in the future to build on their success and maximise their long-term impact for customers and communities.