Right to Buy update

This week’s Autumn statement by the Government has delayed the introduction of the planned extension of the Right to Buy (RTB) scheme.

25 Nov 2016

The Government will be completing a further regional pilot of the scheme during the next five years and although we don’t expect that the national roll-out of the extension of RTB will take this long, we don't yet have any more details about when it will be introduced.

If you were considering the RTB scheme, then you may have the Right to Acquire (RTA) that gives qualifying customers a fixed discount of £9,000 (£10,000 in City of York and Hambleton) from the cost of buying their home.

To find out if you qualify, please contact us.

If you do buy through the RTA as you don’t qualify for the RTB, then when the RTB is extended you wouldn’t be able to claim any additional discount.

You can find out more information about shared ownership options on the Thirteen Homes website.